Notes for the Week - 11/10

Midterm election results were well posted and easy to find. However, I didn't see, and maybe you didn't either, the results of the healthcare referendum. It was almost evenly split. Of the 17,613 votes cast, 9,049, or 51% answered, yes and 8,564, or 49%, answered no. All election results can be found here.


Dunn County recently share a link to a short video where you can learn more about what counties are and what services they provide. It's worth the short 3 minutes it takes to watch.


The City of Menomonie was planting trees this week to replace the trees that were cut down earlier this year. See this previous post for more information about why those trees were cut down. Ninety trees are being planted in a variety of species are to help promote diversity in the urban forest.


For book lovers - the website Stacker compiled a list of books set in Wisconsin. Follow this link to see all of them.


Dunn County shared that we will be seeing brand-new lights on Dunn County snowplows this winter. In addition to the yellow warning lights, there will also be flashing green lights. The combination will make it easier for drivers to spot snowplows during deteriorating weather conditions. Make sure you give snowplow drivers plenty of room and drive slowly this winter.


The Dunn County Humane Society is looking for volunteers for their Holiday Auction as well as donations such as gift cards, gift certificates and baskets. If you would like to help out, please contact Lisa at 715-232-9790 or