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Mustang Boys Hockey raising money for kids with cancer

From the MHS Mustang Boys Hockey Facebook page:

The Mustang boy's hockey team wanted to do a cancer fundraiser this year. The choice they made was to fight pediatric brain tumors.

We are asking all of our fans and family to please consider donating to this cause. We also ask that you please share this post with others. The more money we can raise only benefits those that need it.

Our Mustangs fight cancer night is Thursday, February 2nd against Chippewa Falls. Please mark your calendars.

The February 2nd game night will be all YELLOW in honor of this cancer. We hope that you will also wear yellow to make this an even more impactful night.

Our cancer team page is:

Please be sure to visit this page. We have a goal of $3500.00 to raise money to fight pediatric tumors in children.

Here is another site you can visit for ideas and more information:

We look forward to seeing you on February 2nd all dressed in yellow.

Please donate if you can and please share this with others.

Thank you,

Menomonie Mustang Boys Hockey Team

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