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MTG Presents - Almost, Maine

Tickets are now on sale for the Menomonie Theater Guild's production of Almost, Maine. Get them here before they are gone.

Show dates and times:

Friday, March 10th, 7:30 pm

Saturday, March 11th, 7:30 pm

Sunday, March 12th, 2pm

Saturday, March 18th, 7:30 pm

Sunday, March 19th, 2pm

From the Menomonie Theater Guild Facebook page:

A woman carries her heart, broken into nineteen pieces, in a small paper bag. A man shrinks to half his former size, after losing hope in love. A couple keep the love they have given each other in large red bags or compress the mass into the size of a diamond. These playful and surreal experiences are commonplace in the world of John Cariani’s Almost, Maine, where on one deeply cold and magical Midwinter Night, the citizens of Almost -- not organized enough for a town, too populated for a wilderness -- experience the life-altering power of the human heart.

Relationships end, begin, or change beyond recognition, as strangers become friends, friends become lovers, and lovers turn into strangers. Propelled by the mystical energy of the aurora borealis and populated with characters who are humorous, plain-spoken, thoughtful, and sincere, Almost, Maine is a series of loosely connected tales about love, each with a compelling couple at its center, each with its own touch of sorcery.

Menomonie Theater Guild is proud to announce our talented cast for the upcoming production of Almost, Maine:

Samuel Wurm as Pete/Steve Stevi O'Neill as Ginette/Sandrine Dwight McNaughton as East Courtney Ernste as Glory Nick Feeney as Jimmy/Lendall Nakkiah Stampfli as Hope Jamee Bastman as Shelly/Waitress Kerry Benavides as Deena/Marvalyn Tom Hartnell as Man Han Schoening as Gayle Kevin Tharp as Dave Ericka Hovland as Rhonda Kiara Carlson as Marci Rick Nagler as Phil

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