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MPD Recognizes Employee

The Menomonie Police Department recently recognized one of their employees.

From the Menomonie Police Department Facebook page:

Today we would like to recognize a staff member who plays an integral role in the function and success of the Menomonie Police Department. Meghan Cartmill is a records technician who was recently nominated by Chief Atkinson for the Law Enforcement Administrative Professionals (LEAP) Administrative Professional of the Year Award. Her primary duty at the MPD is to ensure accurate record keeping and retention. However, Meghan is much more than a records technician.

When she was first hired as a clerk, she immediately improved morale with her positive attitude, exceptional customer service and dedication to the department. She brought a fresh perspective on how to improve processes within the department. Meghan was able to quickly identify weaknesses and redundancies in the process that led to changes resulting in the ability to enter in reports almost immediately along with great accuracy. Furthermore, her ability to transform the process of reporting into an efficient operation directly led to the eventual installation of criminal analytics software. That analytical tool led to the development of enhanced problem oriented policing strategies within the department. Those strategies would not have been possible without Meghan’s innovative strategies related to records management.

Due to Meghan’s efficiency and dedication to the department she branched out to work closely with department investigators to develop case presentations for the District Attorney’s Office during major cases such as sexual assault and homicide. Meghan also works side by side with the department’s crime prevention specialist to determine crime trends, assist with community oriented policing strategies and improve overall department operations.

Her latest two endeavors include helping develop a modern branding/recruitment/retention program for the MPD and the successful implementation of a new records management system. Being a non-sworn member of the department Meghan provides a unique perspective on how to recruit/retain office staff, officers, and volunteers. In regard to the records management system, Meghan was entrusted to work with a Commander to provide leadership, planning and instruction on the implementation of the system. Her dedication to the successful implementation of the system has led to sweeping changes within the department that will allow for further expansion of services while minimizing workloads for officer and staff alike.

Meghan is a person that is innovative, collaborative and dedicated to helping an organization succeed. Meghan has already left a lasting legacy at the MPD and we are grateful to have her on our team and for all that she has done for the community!

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