MPD Officer Sampson Receives Medal of Valor

From the Menomonie Police Department Facebook page:

Yesterday, October 20, 2021, Lieutenant Michael Sampson received the Menomonie Police Department Award of Valor.

On May 19, 2021, Menomonie Police Investigator Mike Sampson and a Dunn County Investigator, both assigned to the West Central Drug Task Force as undercover agents, were completing a drive-by of a residence for investigative purposes. As Investigator Sampson and his partner drove by, they observed a male subject retrieve a hatchet from a vehicle, who then ran towards other subjects in the residence with the hatchet overhead in a threatening manner. Investigator Sampson, seeing the extreme gravity of the situation and obvious threat to human life, exited his unmarked vehicle while simultaneously retrieving his duty weapon and communicating with the dispatch center. He then requested any and all additional units and emergency medical personnel to his location. Once the suspect was secured in handcuffs, Investigator Sampson continued to put himself at great risk in an unstable environment by swiftly extricating two victims out of the suspect's line of attack and brought them safely outside.

Further investigation into the incident showed the suspect with the hatchet had previously assaulted others who were at the scene before he went to retrieve the hatchet. Investigator Sampson's exemplary response on May 19th, 2021 may have saved lives and his courageous actions in the face of great hazard, protecting citizens who were not known to him, are most worthy of the Menomonie Police Department Medal of Valor Award.