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MHS Sports Complex nears completion, turf and seating in, bathrooms/concessions coming

Public invited to 'Soccer Under the Lights' May 5th

The Menomonie Mustang girls soccer team on the new turf at the MHS Sports Complex. Photo by Siri Benrud

The third and final phase of the MHS Sports Complex is nearing completion. Artificial turf was installed last fall and the MHS girls' soccer team has broken it in having hosted a number of games already this spring. In addition to the turf, bleachers and a press box have also been completed. Lack of seating has been an issue since the track was completed in 2016 and is a welcomed addition for parents and fans attending not only the soccer games but high school and middle school track meets this spring.

"The improved facility legitimizes the activities that go on there," said girls soccer coach Meagan Frank. "Thankfully, we are now at the same standard as the other schools in the Big Rivers Conference who have had stadium facilities like this for years."

Fans and athletes will have to wait a little longer before the porta-potties are replaced with bathrooms. Construction is underway on the new restroom and concessions building which should be completed in time for the fall sports season.

Work is underway on the new bathrooms and concessions area at the MHS Sports Complex.

"The turf field gave us an advantage this spring. It was ready to go much earlier than grass fields would have been," said MHS Athletic Director Perry Myren. "Some work still needs to be done, but the turf itself is working great. We're happy with the outcome of the project so far."

The MHS Sports Complex is home to all Mustang freshman and JV football games, boys and girls' soccer, and track meets. It will also be used for physical education classes.

The new grandstands are full of spectators at a recent high school track meet. Photo by Karl Palmer

"MHS athletes will be thrilled to fill the stands with supporters who can all see them because they are no longer at ground level behind fences but in beautiful grandstands instead," continued Frank. "Now our goal for the girls' soccer program is to create a great product that consistently fills the stands when we're out there playing."

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the girls' high school soccer program. This milestone will be celebrated with a special Soccer Under the Lights night at the girls' soccer game on Friday, May 5th. Player introductions start at 5:45 pm with a 6 pm game time. This event not only celebrates the girls' soccer program but also gives the public a chance to come and see the Mustang's beautiful new sports complex.

Menomonie Area Soccer (MAS) youth soccer teams will be on hand for the intros at the start of the varsity game. In addition, there will be halftime juggling and shooting challenges for any kids who want to participate. Any U6 soccer player who wants to walk out on the field for intros and the national anthem must be over by the player benches by 5:45 pm.

Junior Varsity players will sign posters during the second half of the varsity game, and varsity players will sign after the game ends.


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