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MHS pool closed for repairs and maintenance

The high school pool is currently closed as it undergoes repairs and maintenance. 

The pool filtration system is being replaced, as are the diving boards. A structural issue with an HVAC tunnel which caused a shift in the east west wall will be repaired. This shifting has caused damage to an area of pool deck


This maintenance project has been planned for since 2022 with funding set aside in the school’s capital improvement fund- Fund 46. Originally the project included retiling the damaged pool deck and replacement of the aging aluminum bleachers. There are safety concerns with the grandfathered bleachers as they do not have aisles and do not meet updated safety codes.  

Photos taken from the SDMA website

Bids came in well above budget and the school board opted to delay the retiling and new bleachers. Also removed from the original plan is an optional UV filter. Painting of the walls in the pool area that was a part of the bid will now be done in house.

Photos taken from the SDMA website

The budget for all repairs and maintenance was $812,000; bids came in at $1,224,711.

New bleachers and tile repairs will be reconsidered at a later date. 

With the closing of UW Stout’s pool in 2018, the high school pool is the only public indoor pool in Dunn County. The high school pool and fieldhouse opened in April of 1980.

The pool is scheduled to reopen prior to the start of summer school.


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