MHS Concert Chorus raising funds for trip to New York City

From the Mustang Chorale Facebook page:

Hi! Do you like growing flowers? Do you like helping choirs travel to amazing places to share music with the world? Well, now you can make both happen with one action!

The Concert Chorus is traveling to New York City and would love for you to buy some flower bulbs and contribute to their fundraiser!

Order here.

In Spring of 2023, our Menomonie High School's auditioned choral ensemble, Concert Chorus, will be traveling to New York City to visit Broadway and perform at the historic Carnegie Hall! Please help raise funds to ease the cost of the trip for students.

The Mustang Chorale enthusiastically supports this effort and will be buying many bulbs ourselves.

If you know someone who is part of the group and going to New York, you can add their name, and the proceeds get directed to them. If you don't have a specific Concert Chorus Singer in mind, please leave that blank and your contribution will be added to the general fundraising for the trip.

Orders made before December 1 will arrive in time for the holidays, should you have interest in buying these as gifts or as part of your festivities!

Order here.

THANK YOU for your support!