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Menomonie Mural Complete

A "Welcome to Menomonie" mural update from Menomonie native and artist Dale Manor:

The GoFundMe is still up for anyone wanting to make a donation to help defray some of the cost.

Menomonie Mural Update - I believe we are finished with the "Welcome to Menomonie Mural". At least until I dream up another Easter egg or two for the wall.

First off, I would like to thank the artists that helped make this design a hand-painted reality: Richard "DJ" Capra, Brianna Capra, Amy C. Smith, Pat Thibado, Jacque & Richard Dye, Carole Bersin, Carter, Kendal & Kinlee, and of course my lovely wife Brenda. Many thanks also to my family and all the people who stopped by, brought us food and or coffee, or that helped in many other ways! Thanks to the Menomonie Community for cheering us on!

Over the past few weekends, we have been working on many of the smaller details that needed finishing up. That included the entire back part of the mural with Menomonie's old boathouse and some happy trees. I was a fair bit grateful to get to paint some not-so-little happy trees! And our friend Carole came over from Minnesota to help finish up the Ojibwe maiden letter E. We've had to dance around the rain a few times, but we pulled it off. I would encourage you to go look at the details of the mural up close...

I will be posting more images and stories in the near future...take care.

Dale Manor owns Studio in the Sky in Minneapolis. Check out his artwork on the Studio in the Sky website and on Dale's Facebook page.


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