Menomonie Middle School Science Olympiad Team Takes 3rd at State

Menomonie Middle School's Science Olympiad Team finished 3rd in the State Tournament. MMS students brought home medals in 37 events with 27 individual students medaling. Medalists and their events are listed below.

1st Place Medals:

Circuit Lab - Grant Burns and Ally Dickman

Solar Power - Grant Burns and Spencer Kelsey

2nd Place Medals:

Crime Busters - Grant Burns and Peter Cimino

Density Lab - Grant Burns and Sawyer Bast

Disease Detectives - Amy Liu and Olivia Rubenzer

Dynamic Planet - Caleb DeVries and Luke Ray

Game On - Ben Seguin and Sawyer Bast

Ping Pong Parachute - Grant Burns

Elastic Launch Glider - Peter Cimino

Heredity - Grant Burns and Spencer Kelsey

3rd Place Medals:

Boomilever - Peter Cimino

Experimental Design - Maddie Horvath, Journey Holt, and Pajci Xiong

Fossils - Sara Palmer and Caleb Devries

Water Quality - Spencer Kelsey and Derek Weber

Ping Pong Parachute - Westin Ngo

Ornithology - Derek Weber and Luke Ray

4th Place Medals:

Horticulture - Sara Palmer and Ally Dickman

Machines - Ben Seguin and Ally Dickman

Road Scholar - Ben Seguin and Caleb DeVries

Virology - Amy Liu and Olivia Rubenzer

Mouse Trap - Ben Seguin

5th Place Medals:

Write It Do It - Maddie Horvath and Pajci Xiong

Write It Do It (Exhibition) - Megan Hansen and Miles Ogden

Virtual Geocache - Maddie Horvath

Mission Possible - Ben Seguin

Mystery Build - Ethan Chan and Westin Ngo

Meteorology - Derek Weber and Luke Ray

Machines - Westin Ngo and Miles Ogden

Game On - Max Jaeger

Experimental Design - Megan Hanson

6th Place Medals:

Anatomy and Physiology - Amy Liu and Journey Holt

Boomilever - Sam Zander

Dynamic Planet - Carly Weber and Megan Hansen

Food Science - Sawyer Bast and Olivia Rubenzer

Mystery Build - Ben Seguin and Peter Cimino

Reach for the Starts - Maddie Horvath and Pacji Xiong

Water Quality - Carly Weber and Keebxtuj Xiong