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Menomonie Middle School Science Olympiad Team Take 2nd at State

MMS Varsity Science Olympiad team, L-R Meg Hansen, Nora Scorczewski, Grace Edenborg, Jay Beston, Lily Fraher, Oliver Lugo, Noah Winder, Otis Yonko, Ben Seguin, Sara Palmer, Maddie Horvath, Tanner Husby, Luke Ray, Cole Christenson and Logan Topper. Photo by Natalie Topper

On Friday, April 22nd thirty-nine students from the Menomonie Middle School traveled to UW-Stevens Point to participate in the 2022 State Science Olympiad Competition. The Varsity team had an outstanding performance and took home the 2nd place trophy. The Middle School also had a number of students competing on exhibition teams, and while those teams could not place in competition, students could place in individual events.

In addition to placing second in the competition, the team also won the Spirit Award. The Spirit Award is given to the team that best shows respectful competition, good sportsmanship, and positive attitudes between teammates, competitors, coaches, and event supervisors.

Students were able to take part in various STEM events Friday on the UW-Stevens Point campus prior to the competition on Saturday.

The Menomonie Middle School team is coached by MMS teachers Natalie Topper, Amy Zuber-Seguin and Rachel Scott.

Science Olympiad is an American team competition in which teams compete in events pertaining to various fields of science. Events fall into five main categories: Life, Personal, and Social Science, Earth & Space Science, Physical Science & Chemistry, Technology & Engineering, Inquiry & Nature of Science. They are either knowledge-based, hands-on, or engineering-based.

Results from the competition are as follows:

1st place

Sara Palmer and Otis Yonko - Forestry

Lilly Gregerson and Mack Bien - Forestry (exhibition team)

Sara Palmer and Ben Seguin - Horticulture

Logan Topper and Otis Yonko -Storm the Castle

Luke Ray and Oliver Lugo - Rocks and Minerals

Daniel Stauffer - Rocks and Minerals (exhibition team)

2nd place

Oliver Lugo, Noah Winder, and Ben Seguin - Codebusters

Luke Ray and Maddie Horvath - Ornithology

Logan Topper and Otis Yonko - Crave the Wave

Grace Edenborg and Meg Hansen - Dynamic Planet

Jay Beston and Lily Fraher - Green Generation

Sara Palmer and Tanner Husby - Geocache

Ben Seguin and Noah Winder - Mousetrap

Logan Topper and Meg Hansen - Solar System

Jay Beston and Nora Skorczewski - Virology

3rd place

Cole Christenson and Logan Topper - Electric Wright Stuff

Sara Palmer and Cole Christenson - Write it Do it

Maddie Horvath, Oliver Lugo, and Nora Skorczewski - Experimental Design

Carly Weber and Alexander Heckendorf - Dynamic Planet (exhibition team)

Ben Seguin and Maddie Horvath - Road Scholar

4th place

Cole Christenson - Bridge

Sara Palmer and Ben Seguin - Crime Busters

Ben Seguin and Tanner Husby - Sounds of Music

Noah Winder - RoboCross

Mathew Snavely and Timothy Berends - Mousetrap (exhibition team)

Luke Ray and Tanner Husby - Ping Pong Parachute

5th place

Maddie Horvath and Nora Skorczewski - Disease Detectives

Oliver Lugo - Mission Possible

Grant Nigon and Peyton Gregerson - Storm the Castle (exhibition team)

Ryan Hulbert - Mousetrap (exhibition team)

Jai Hasse and Nora Trotter - Ornithology (exhibition team)

Nico Holt - Anatomy and Physiology (exhibition team)

Mathew Snavely - RoboCross (exhibition team)

6th place

Andrew Heckendorf and Lilly Gregerson - Disease Detectives (exhibition team)

Alex Anderson and Ryan Hulbert - Storm the Castle (exhibition team)

Photo by Natalie Topper

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