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Meet the Authors at Dragon Tale Books - 4/15

Dragon Tale Books will be hosting a Meet the Authors event on Saturday, April 15, 2023, from 1pm-4pm. Dragon Tale Books is located at 216 Main Street E.

From the Facebook Event page:

Huckleberry Rahr writes the Jade Stone Chronicles. “I decided I wanted to create a series my kids would love. It needed to combine the grit of werecreatures, the reality of LGBTQ, and though there are real relationships, I have side stepped romance.”

Angela (A.R.) Grimes writes the Wyldling Dream Series. “Wyldling Snare—a young adult portal fantasy and the first installment of the Wyldling Dream series—is a coming-of-age story with underlying themes of faith, friendship, and found family.”

Amber Boudreau YA and Adult Fantasy Author, Geologist, Piecer of Okay Quilts, World Traveller, Fatalist, writes fantasy about dragons and now werewolves. The Dragoneer: High school is hard enough without a dragon breathing down your neck.

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