Ludington Guard Band Concerts Now Live-Streamed on Facebook

The Ludington Guard Band Concerts are not being live streamed on Facebook.

From the Ludington Guard Band Facebook page:

This is a TECH UPDATE from the band to let you all know that we are now LIVE-STREAMING our concerts on Facebook every Tuesday evening during our concert season.

This is another first for our band. Please let your friends, neighbors and family know this service is now available each week thru August 9th. Our concerts start at 7:30 PM and last about 90 minutes.

We still encourage you, if able, to come to Wilson Park, Menomonie, WI, and enjoy our music live and under stars in person, enjoy the ambiance that only comes from being there AND feast on a pie of homemade pie and ice cream served by various volunteer, charitable groups from the area. And while you're at it, munch on some delicious freshly popped corn provided the Menomonie Senior Center. This is truly Americana at its best. As I always say, come for the pie (and popcorn), stay for the music.

The band wants to thank the City of Menomonie, Dunn County Community Foundation and the Ludington Guard Band Foundation for their continuing support.

So please join us in person or at least thru live streaming and support Wisconsin's oldest continually performing concert band. The band will be there performing just as it always has since 1888.