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Ludington Guard Band concert lineup for June 18th

Here is the line up for this week's Ludington Guard Band concert.

Greetings Fans, Friends and Groupies!

It’s hard to believe we are already on concert number 3 and the first of our themed concerts. Tuesday, June 18th we will Dance the Night Away! Feel free to bring your dancing shoes or a comfy chair.

Pie for the evening will be served by the Little Elk Creek Church and Popcorn will be provided by the Menomonie Senior Center.

Flag raising by Boy Scout Troop 23

Concert Program:

  • Blue Tango

  • Waltz No. 2

  • Pie In The Face Polka

  • 12th Street Rag

  • Irish Washerwoman with Guest conductor Mike Holtz

  • Glenn Miller in Concert

  • Children’s March: Hokey Pokey/Chicken Dance

Intermission: Morris Dance Group

  • Don Ricardo

  • Bolero

  • Mambo from West Side Story

We will be preforming every Tuesday at 7:30pm in Wilson Park through August 7th. Some benches will be available at the park, but feel free to bring your favorite lawn chair or blanket.

See you at the park!


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