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Local Cookbook Author to Appear on Wisconsin Public Radio

Menomonie resident and cookbook author Coltan J. Schoenike will be featured on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Morning Show on January 29th at 8:00 am. Schoenike, who recently completed their Masters degree at UW Stout and is a Marriage and Family Therapist, put their passions for baking and helping people into a new cookbook called “Spread Love (And Buttercream!): Recipes and Reflections Where Love is the First Ingredient and a Sweeter World is Ours for the Baking.”

“Shortly before the holidays, I was approached by a producer with Wisconsin Public Radio who was interested in my book,” Schoenike said. “I'm so excited for this opportunity to talk about this labor of love on such a significant platform and share my passion for love and kindness across Wisconsin.”

“Spread Love (And Buttercream!)” is part cookbook, part guide to self-love and relationships. It begins with cupcake basics and our relationship with ourselves and advances to more intricate recipes and conversations about how we can put more love and kindness into our relationships and the world as a whole.

Coltan’s passion for baking was inspired by their mom who loves to bake, and who would make treats to bring to work or family get-togethers.

“Seeing the power that food has to bring people together was really inspirational for me to see,” Schoenike said. “I wanted to do the same. I started baking treats for work or to celebrate friends' birthdays, and I started doing fun and different flavors like my mom and I would do when I was younger. Whenever I'd bring cupcakes, someone would quickly say that I needed to start a business.”

Coltan’s creations had been available to order through their website “Them de la Creme,” however they took a hiatus while they were working on their cookbook, and is currently searching for commercial kitchen space so they can reopen.

“Spread Love (And Buttercream!)” can be found locally at the Farmers’ Store, Hive and Hollow and Bookends. It can also be found online at Wal-Mart, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million.

More information can be found at the Them de la Creme website and Facebook page.

A link to the WPR Morning show can be found here.


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