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Live Music at The Spirit Room: Scott Keever - June 21st

Scott Keever is an award-winning fingerstyle guitarist from Minneapolis, MN who combines an American roots sound with styles as far ranging as Celtic, Balkan and jazz. He is a multifaceted performer who is as comfortable playing slide on a resophonic guitar as he is playing classical or folk guitar.

His original music represents his own fascination with the world around us and the different sounds that each musical style creates. Whether he’s performing his own music or a wide range of cover tunes, it’s always captivating and always unique. His stylistic range can be heard on his 2018 solo album “Solo Guitar: Vol. 1” as well as his forthcoming album “Solo Guitar: Vol. 2” (due out in Fall 2023). As well as being a solo performer, Scott plays guitar and Bulgarian tambura for Orkestar Bez Ime (OBI), an award-winning Twin Cities band that specializes in Balkan dance music.

He has also performed for a number of Twin Cities groups, including local Celtic rock legends Sweet Colleens, and has been a long-time musician and performer in the local Minnesota theater scene, including Brave New Workshop, Flying Foot Forum, Walking Shadow Theater, Ethnic Dance Theater, and Table Salt Productions.


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