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Jason Dea West LIVE at The Spirit Room

Jason Dea West will be performing at The Spirit Room at the Mabel Tainter on Thursday, March 30th at 7pm. This is a free performance.

From the Facebook Event page:

Jason Dea West is an American troubadour who sings what he lives and lives what he sings. Wests’ poignant lyrics are brilliantly blended with vintage country, folk and blues, and timely sensibilities.

From epic guitar and harmonica instrumentals to humorous song as story, Jason never strays very far from the anarchic punk-folk roots of his beloved former band Barefoot Surrender and his celebrated current band Intuitive Compass.

Jason’s younger days as a busker and freight train hopper fostered his keen sense of road-inspired American musical history. Jason toured extensively with guest musicians and bands throughout the lower 48 States and Alaska, appearing in barn dances and taverns, theaters and music festivals, the circus and vaudeville circuits, on radio and in film. He has shared the stage with the likes of Lost Dog Street Band, The Resonant Rogues, Larry And His Flask, Hot Damn Scandal countless others.

Dea West has worked with several renowned recording engineers, including Scot Hackwith, Dennis Dragon, Dan Emery and Steven Hart, producing several studio albums and a recent live “Magnolia Session” via Anti-Corp Records of Nashville, TN which placed #15 on the Billboard Bluegrass charts in October 2020. In 2021 West began work on two new EPs, one “Lost Camp Dreams”, with Scott Hackwith at Cassette LA which is officially available December 30th of 2021, the second EP to be released later in ‘22 shall remain mysterious until further notice.

American poet, songwriter and troubadour - folk, country, western, traditional and alternative - Jason belongs to the wild lands and what is left of the American countryside…

Presented by Farewell Transmission, a weekly alt-county & indie folk show on Converge Radio 101.9 FM. More info on this and all other Converge programs available at

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