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Information from Dunn County Emergency Management

From Dunn County Emergency Management:


Dunn County Winter Storm and Extreme Cold – Community Shelter Updates

Dunn County Emergency Management along with municipalities across Dunn County are preparing for the impending blizzard coming to our area. We encourage residents to prepare their home and vehicles with emergency kits. These kits should include items such as flashlights, extra batteries, extra blankets, bottled water, and charged cellular phones in the event there is a power outage.

We have finalized the location of warming shelters around the County in the event that there is a long duration power outage. At this time, these warming shelters are not open and will be opened as deemed necessary. We would encourage all residents to shelter in place, as long as possible. Please report power outages to your respective electric utility as soon as possible. If you lose power and are dependent on electricity for medical reasons, please reach out to Dunn County Sheriff’s Department (Dispatch Center) at 1(715)232-1348 or 1(800)-459-2939 (non-emergency line).

Travel will begin to be treacherous this evening (12/22) through Saturday morning (12/24), with sustained winds of 40 mph and wind chills nearing -45 degrees. Frostbite in these conditions can occur in as little as 10 minutes. We understand the holiday is just a couple days away, but please delay your plans if possible and be prepared if your travels are necessary.

To get information on where shelters are located in Dunn County and if they are open, please call 2-1-1. You can also follow us on Facebook (@ Dunn County), CodeRed, as well as other news and radio outlets.


Dunn County Emergency Management


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