Information for the April 5th Election

General Information

The Spring Election is on Tuesday, April 5th. Polls are open from 7am to 8pm.

To find what will be on your ballot and where to vote go to Absentee ballot information and lots of other information can be found on this website as well.

To find candidate's positions on the issues, check The League of Women Voters - Greater Chippewa Valley gave the candidates an opportunity to answer questions and post them directly to this website. Simply enter your address to find the information.

Information about absentee and early voting can be found here on the League of Women Voters website.

If you have a disability, check the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition website. For information specific to the April election, follow this link.

Here is a link to the SDMA School Board Candidate Forum that was held on February 7th. Note that David Styer was eliminated in the primary election.

Information about obtaining a voting ID can be found at the bottom of this post.

On the Ballot

All city wards and county townships will have the school board race on the ballot. Candidates running for school board are Dominique Stewart, Abe Smith, Scott Parker, Rachel Henderson, Jennifer Sakry, and Brittany Weiker. This is the order they will appear on the ballot. You can vote for up to three.

All city wards and county townships also have Court of Appeals Judge District 3 on the ballot. Incumbent Thomas M. Hruz is running unopposed.

In the City of Menomonie

The City of Menomonie has just completed a redistricting plan through the State of Wisconsin that has changed some ward boundaries. Please go to to see if your ward has changed and where your polling location is. Any questions contact Catherine Martin, City Clerk at 715 232-2221 ext. 1006 or Pam Wildner, Executive Assistant at 715 232-2221 ext. 1000.

Alderpersons in the even numbered wards are up for election.

Ward 2 - Penny Burstad*

Ward 4 - Jennifer Beech Harris (I)

Gretchen Yonko

Ward 6 - Leland Schwebs (I)

Joyce Uhlir

Ward 8 - Mary Solberg (I)

Ward 10 - Ryland Erdman (I)

*Incumbent Jan Traxler filed a notice of non-candidacy

The mayor is up for election.

Mayor - Randy Knaack (I)

Ashley Asher

There is a Mayoral Candidate Forum on Wednesday, March 30th. Follow this link for more information.

County Races

Dunn County Supervisors in all districts are up for election this spring. If you do not know what district you are in, you can find out on

Candidates appearing on the ballot:

District 1 - Brian Johnson (I)

District 2 - David Bartlett (I)

Patrick Breslin

District 3 - Vaughn Hedlund (I)

District 4 - Ronald Score (I)

District 5 - Gary Stene (I)

District 6 - Jim Zons (I)

District 7 - Gary Bjork (I)

District 8 - Charles Maves (I)

Luke Wilsey

District 9 - Thomas Quinn (I)

James Chich

District 10 - Michael Rogers (I)

Pilar Gerasimo

District 11 - No Candidate*

District 12 - Michael Kneer (I)

District 13 - Jody Komrey (I)

Monica Berrier

District 14 - John Calabrese (I)

District 15 - Donald Kuether (I)

Greg Rugland

District 16 - Ann Vogl (I)

District 17 - Kelly McCullough (I)

District 18 - Sean Breslin**

District 19 - Carl Vandermuelen

District 20 - Hilary Robinson

District 21 - Diane Morehouse (I)

Laurie Christianson

District 22 - Andrew Hagen

District 23 - Mark Thomas

District 24 - Randy Prochnow (I)

District 25 - No Candidate

District 26 - Larry Bjork (I)

District 27 - Robert Bauer (I)

District 28 - Tim Lienau (I)

District 29 - Jerry Hartung (I)

*John Quilling did submit papers, but his candidacy was denied as he is a county employee.

**The incumbent Sheila Stori did not file her candidacy papers in time. She is campaigning as a write-in.

NOTE: Incumbents in Districts 11, 20, 23 and 25 filed notices of non-candidacy. The incumbent in District 22, Sarah Kennedy passed away.