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History in Pieces: Jigsaw puzzle competition - July 13th

Teams of four compete to finish a custom jigsaw puzzle featuring an image from the Rassbach Museum’s collection.

Help us get ready for our 75th Anniversary celebration by supporting the museum and being part of the latest puzzling trend.

The competition will be followed by a free puzzle exchange open to the public at 1:00 (Puzzle participants get first choice at the puzzle exchange.)

$75 donation to reserve your table for a team of 4 contestants, aged 15+. Each table will get to bring their puzzle home with them. Each team will get 4 soft drink tickets.

Additional drinks and snacks will be available. The winning team will receive a limited-edition trophy.

Official Rules:

  1. Each table will have no more or less than 4 team members.

  2. All teams receive the same puzzle.

  3. Puzzle boxes will be hidden until the timer starts.

  4. No observers allowed in the competition area.

  5. Competitors are asked to maintain a respectfully quiet atmosphere in the competition area. Teams may not distract other teams or purposefully create an environment of distraction.

  6. Cell phones should be silenced. No phone calls, texts or photos allowed during the competition. Headphones or earbuds are acceptable.

  7. There will be no organized breaks. Team members are encouraged to take bathroom and snack breaks as needed.

  8. Teams are restricted to their own table and may not approach another table during the competition and are not allowed to study an opposing team's puzzle.

  9. The team that finishes the puzzle first wins.

  10. When a team has completed the puzzle, they must immediately hail the timekeeper to record the end time and inspect the finished puzzle.

  11. If no one has completed the puzzle within the allotted time, a winner will be declared by the remaining number of loose pieces. Pieces of fewer than four connected pieces are considered loose pieces.

  12. Should there be a tie, the timekeeper will allow a ten-minute tie-breaker round.

  13. Rulings of the official timekeeper are final.


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