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Help Keep Menomonie Students Safe - Stop for School Buses

Girl Scouts from Troop 3415 along with Menomonie Transportation are working to raise awareness about bus safety in Menomonie. Last year our local drivers reported over 200 instances of buses being passed when they were stopped with their lights flashing.

In the month of September, Menomonie Transportation bus drivers have counted 21 illegal passes. This is not only illegal, but extremely dangerous. It puts at least one child’s life in danger each time this happens. Let's work together to get that number down.

Please remember that when you are approaching a bus from either direction, if the bus is stopped with flashing lights, you must stop and remain stopped until the bus resumes motion and turns off its lights.

The penalty for passing a bus stopped with flashing lights is $326.50 plus 4 points on your license.

Please help us keep Menomonie safe and help avoid a tragedy. Please stop whenever you see a bus with flashing lights – red or yellow.

When Yellow or Red Lights are Flashing, Don't be Passing!


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