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Heller Road closing September 18-October 6 for improvements

Heller Road will be closed between the Menomonie Country Club driveway and Wilson Creek from September 18 to October 6. The City will be improving this section of Heller Road by removing several overhanging trees, deepening ditches, removing the existing pavement, adding gravel to the roadbed, repaving the roadway, restoring disturbed areas and repainting the roadway.

The City has placed "Road Closed Ahead" signs at USH 12 and (with permission from the Town of Menomonie) at 390th Street. "Road Closed" signs will be placed at each end of the road closure. The roadway will be reopened after working hours when it is safe to do so but drivers should plan to take alternate routes until the project is complete. Access to Menomonie Country Club will be maintained throughout the project.

Please contact David Schofield, Director of Public Works at 715.232.2221 ext. 1020 with any questions.

From the City of Menomonie Facebook page.

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