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Hanging baskets adorn downtown streets

By Linda Rundle, GFWC-Menomonie Woman’s Club

We hope you are enjoying the beautiful flower baskets that were hung recently on the light poles throughout downtown Menomonie – but did you ever think about how they got there?  And what is involved after they are hung?  

The hanging baskets have been a major project of the GFWC Menomonie Woman’s Club since the Victorian Light Poles were installed by the city a number of years ago.  The project started out on a smaller scale, however, thanks to generous businesses, community and service clubs, churches and individual contributors, 200 baskets are now purchased each summer.

Planning for the project actually begins shortly after the baskets are taken down in the fall.  Decisions on a variety of questions, such as the number of baskets, flower choices, etc.  are made with a local greenhouse for the purchase of the baskets the following spring.  For the past 14 years, the baskets have been purchased from Season’s Harvest Greenhouse, located just north of Menomonie.

In the early spring, the club begins work on the mailing sent out to businesses as well as community residents, asking for donations to cover the costs of the baskets and fertilizer, as well as promotional expenses.  

But it doesn’t end there – the club has partnered with the City of Menomonie for the maintenance of the baskets throughout the summer.  To maintain the baskets, they are watered daily by street department staff.  Several years ago, the city invested in a Gator to make the watering process go more smoothly. 

In addition to partnering with Season’s Harvest, Downtown Menomonie, the Menomonie Area Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Menomonie, the club has set up a fund at the Community Foundation of Dunn County to accept donations to cover the cost of the baskets.  If you enjoy the baskets and wish to assist the club, they are still accepting donations to cover the costs associated with the project.  Tax Deductible donations can be sent to the CFDC/GFWC Menomonie Woman’s Club, 800 Wilson Ave, Ste. 235, Menomonie, WI  54751 or can be made online at  For more information about the Woman’s Club and their other activities, please contact Linda Rundle, President at 715-210-5705.


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