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Gravedigger's Daughter book talk at the Dunn County Historical Society

The Dunn County Historical Society will be hosting a book talk on Thursday, March 30th at 6:30 pm at the Rassbach Museum.

From the Dunn County Historical Society Facebook page:

Gravedigger's Daughter: Growing up Rural is a collection of short stories and essays based on actual events in the 1950-1970s in northern west-central Wisconsin. Little Elk Creek is a tightly knit community of Norwegian immigrant farm families who assist one another at harvest time and share their skills so all can succeed.

Debra Raye King shares her remembrances from an era when her father was the gravedigger at the local church cemetery, and it wasn't unusual for a daughter to help shovel. Debbi and her twin Sue were the only students in first grade at the eight-grade one-room schoolhouse two miles away from home. Shopping was done in Menomonie where highlights of the trip included a visit to the Farmers Store, a meal out at the Dew Drop Inn, and guessing in winter when the clunker would fall through the ice.

Experience the grit, heartache, joy and innocence of growing up rural with these tales of one family farm in Wisconsin.

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