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FIRE Fitness Camp Menomonie

Long-time friends Andrea Jewett and Beth Westlund reconnected while working out at FIRE Fitness Camp in Marshfield. They loved the workout experience so much they have invested in the program by opening up their own FIRE Fitness Camp in Menomonie.

Their new facility, located in the Broadway Square Shopping Center at 1320 North Broadway, is scheduled to open Monday, March 1.

“We’re excited to bring FIRE Fitness Camp Menomonie to this part of Wisconsin and to start helping people achieve their fitness and health goals,” Jewett said.

FIRE Fitness Camp will be open Monday through Friday with five 30 minute boot camp sessions scheduled throughout the day. In addition to the boot camp sessions, individual personal training is available. They offer personalized packages to fit your specific goals and budget. Contact them by phone, email, or through Facebook to sign up for your free VIP session.

The FIRE (Functional, Intensive, Resistance, Exercise) Fitness Camp approach is to burn the most amount of calories during a 30-minute session by using short rest periods and intense resistance, which may come in the form of ropes, weights, sleds, tires, or your body weight. The short rest periods also contribute to spiking metabolism which ultimately leads to fast results.

“Our gym offers a boot camp style workout and is a results guaranteed program,” Jewett explains. “FIRE Fitness Camp has more documented transformations than any other fitness program in the country!”

The original FIRE Fitness Camp opened in 2014 in Plover, Wisconsin. Since then, FIRE Fitness Camp has become the largest and fastest-growing boot camp style franchise in Wisconsin with over twenty locations throughout.

FIRE Fitness Camp Menomonie can be reached at or 715-309-2668. They can also be messaged through Facebook.

More information on FIRE Fitness Camp Menomonie can be found on their Facebook page and website.


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