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Fall 2023 Family Engagement Offerings from UW Madison - Extension Dunn County

Safe and stable families benefit the whole community. With schools welcoming children back to the classroom, it is a great time to consider ways we can help families create an environment that promotes learning and growth at home.

The University of Wisconsin Madison – Division of Extension has offices across the state to bring research-based programming to everyone. Family Engagement and Relationships educators have teamed up to bring local communities proven programs that support relationships, decrease stress and promote positive parenting techniques. Many of the course offerings below are free and most are offered online, at times convenient for busy working parents.

Raising Wisconsin’s Children began as a state-wide conference for parents, educators and childcare professionals. Now, in addition to the annual conference each winter, Extension educators offer parents and childcare and education professionals a chance to connect and to get practical, positive, research-based parenting ideas all year ‘round. This fall the following FREE online classes are available at 1 PM or 6 PM.

  • September 21: The Parents’ Guide to the Teenage Brain

  • October 19: Raising Kind Kids

  • November 16: Families and Screens

  • December 21: Strengthen Family Bonds Through Traditions

Learn more and sign up for these classes HERE.

Raising a Thinking Child: offered FREE online on Mondays, with morning and evening options, each week from October 30th through December 4th, 2023. These classes are perfect for parents, caregivers, educators and childcare providers caring for children aged 4-7.

This evidence-based workshop series will help you guide children to solve common, everyday problems with decision making and communication skills using their thinking brain. It is a refreshingly practical curriculum that helps you help young children learn HOW to think, not what to think, as they learn to resolve their own problems. Parents report less conflict and more thoughtful behavior after taking the course.

Educators from several counties, including Dunn and Barron are teaming up to offer the class. This course can include Registry Credit for professionals needing continuing education credits, ask an educator for details. Register online HERE.

The Strong Couples Program: Do you want a relationship that lasts? This 6-session, self-paced online program has helped thousands of couples and has been proven to strengthen relationships. Topics include communication, commitment, problem-solving, fun and friendship.

The program includes 5 video calls with a trained coach. Not only is the program offered free, but participants also have the chance to win a $25 gift card just for completing the program surveys. You can start anytime. Learn more and register HERE. Please share this resource with people who want a stronger relationship.

Just in Time Parenting (JITP) Newsletter: a free parenting newsletter that is delivered by email and specific to a child’s age and needs from pre-natal to pre-school. JITP is the result of ongoing partnership between several land-grant universities in the U.S. The newsletters are designed so that information that’s relevant to families is automatically delivered to them just in time.

This English or Spanish language newsletter is supported by area hospitals and county health professionals. Links to podcasts, videos and other resources are included. The ad-free newsletter will soon be available with even more options: a shorter version, in Hmong, English and Spanish, with links to an audio recording in those languages as well.

JITP Includes:

  • Easy to use guides on how your child is developing.

  • Tips on raising a healthy, happy child.

  • Tools for solving common parenting problems.

  • Strategies for coping with the challenges of raising children.

For more information on these resources and more, please visit Or call Human Development and Relationships Educator, Luisa Gerasimo, at 715-231-6690, or email:

Media release from Extension Dunn County.

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