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Express Yourself @ LaDeeDah

We are so excited about these classes! People are signing up for all of them already - all the way to November! So Fun!

"Express Yourself @ LaDeeDah" Classes are coming to downtown Menomonie! Once a month, each individual class will be advertised but thought ya'll would like an advanced peek so you planners can plan and sign up for the classes you want to ahead of time. A heads up, once they are full, they know what I'm sayin?

You do not need an artistic background whatsoever (thank goodness because I sure don't) - You just need a great attitude, and a willingness to come and try, learn, laugh, have a beverage and a few appetizers and meet old and new friends. You are worth the investment - without a doubt.

Reach out soon to secure your spot. Find more on their Facebook page and on Instagram. To register call the store at 715-235-5253 or email

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