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Dunn County Humane Society raising funds to build garage

The Dunn County Humane Society is raising funds to build a garage stall for their van. Here is a link to the Facebook fundraiser. Donations can also be dropped off or mailed to the Dunn County Humane Society at 302 Brick Yard Road.

Our Belgian Workhorse Gordy (shhh, don’t tell him he is really a van) has his “forever home” here with us at DCHS and now we are wanting to provide him with a house (ahem, garage stall) all his own. Would you like to help us build Gordy’s house?

We have a very generous supporter that has pledged to match donations for this project up to $12,500! That means that your donation will go twice as far to help build Gordy's house :) Whether you are able to donate $5, $500, $1000 or anything inbetween...every bit helps us get closer to getting Gordy out of the elements (and keep Jamie from having to hold the umbrella...her arm is getting tired)!

The Dunn County Humane Society (DCHS) is dedicated to improving the lives of companion animals in our community and finding permanent and loving adoptive homes for the animals in our care. DCHS promotes the humane treatment of animals and operates as a no-kill facility, a philosophy that has been with the organization from the beginning. We do not forfeit the life of one animal to make space for another.

All incoming animals are evaluated, medically treated and rehabilitated when possible. DCHS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on the good will and generosity of individuals and corporations.

Our Goals:

To educate the public about animal needs and responsible ownership

To operate a top-notch animal shelter and find loving homes for animals in need

To conduct fundraising activities to provide for the care of the animals

To increase the number of active members and volunteers

To promote spay/neuter programs


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