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Dunn County Board to consider Tainter Lake Rehabilitation District

Dunn County Media Release

The Dunn County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2023, will consider an order to establish a Tainter Lake Rehabilitation District. County officials remind those interested in attending that state law establishes specific criteria for how the board conducts this meeting and decides whether to approve the order.

On July 14, 2022, the county received a petition to establish the lake district. The petition contained signatures from 53.76 percent of the landowners within the proposed district, comprising 508 owners of the 773 parcels. State law requires at least 51 percent of the landowners in the proposed district sign the petition.

The county’s Planning, Resource and Development Committee held a public hearing on the petition on Aug. 9, 2022, and the committee subsequently recommended on Oct. 11, 2022, that the full board consider an order because all the legal requirements had been fulfilled.

According to state law, the County Board is required to issue an order to establish the district if four specific findings are met:

  1. That the petition is signed by the required number of owners;

  2. That the district is necessary;

  3. That the public health, comfort, convenience, necessity or public welfare will be promoted by the establishment of the district;

  4. That the property included in the district will benefit by the district’s establishment.

Because the statutorily prescribed process for establishing a lake district includes holding a public hearing on the matter, further public comment regarding the matter during the county board’s public comment usually is not permitted. However, the County Board has the option to allow public comment by a two-thirds vote to suspend a rule.

Members of the public who need help accessing the meeting should call (715) 231-6505. Instructions for submitting written comment before the meeting can be found at

Once it is finalized, the County Board agenda will be available here:

A video recording of the meeting will be available for subsequent viewing on the Dunn County YouTube channel at

A lake district is a specialized unit of government established to manage a lake. The district has the ability to levy taxes and is operated by a board of commissioners made up of residents of the district or property owners, and local government officials.

A lake district must hold an annual meeting. At these meetings, all residents and property owners in attendance will vote on, among other items, filling vacancies on the board of commissioners and setting the tax levy.

For more information, contact:

Kristin Korpela

Dunn County Manager


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