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Dr. James and Gail Haemmerle Scholarship

The Community Foundation of Dunn County is pleased to offer a full tuition scholarship to a non-traditional student to obtain an associate degree, technical diploma, or certificate program in any field of study.

Dr. James and Gail Haemmerle established a scholarship fund at the Community Foundation, motivated by their strong belief that education is the key that unlocks the door to success in life. They are grateful for the generous donations by strangers who gave them the opportunity to pursue their own education and careers. This scholarship is their effort to “pay it forward” and share that same opportunity with individuals in Dunn County, where the Haemmerles made their home before retirement.

One scholarship will be awarded for up to $20,000 to complete a degree program at an accredited community or technical college. This scholarship is payable for two to five years. A new scholarship will be awarded annually.


♦ Applicants must currently reside within one of the following schools zip codes to apply: 54751, 54735, 54749, 54730, 54725, 54013, 54027, 54767, 54740, 54737, 54734, and 54763.

♦ Preference will be given to applicants who are non-traditional students. Nontraditional students are defined as students who did not go directly to college the fall following high school or who have not completed education beyond high school. Preference is given to those whose educational journeys were interrupted by such challenges as food insecurity, language barriers, lack of access to technology and/or financial instability. This scholarship may be awarded to someone returning to college after a break in studies to complete their degree; or who requires completion of a degree or certification to change careers to pursue other employment options.

♦ Awards must be used to complete an associate degree, technical diploma, or certificate program in any field of study.

♦ This scholarship is payable for up to five years, or as long as the recipient provides proof of consecutive, satisfactory progress toward their associate degree or certificate completion each semester.

♦ Applicants must submit the online application form, including a Personal Statement of Need.

Those interested are asked to complete an application form at and-gail-haemmerle-scholarship/.

Applications are collected and processed through the Community Foundation of Dunn County. The application deadline is July 1st, 2023 by 5pm. Questions can be directed to

The Community Foundation of Dunn County | 800 Wilson Ave. #235 | Menomonie, WI | | (715) 232-8019

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