Downtown Menom Podcast - Sylvia Gengenbach

The latest episode of the Downtown Menom Podcast is now available and can be found here.

From the Downtown Menomonie Facebook page:

This week on Downtown Menom we chat with Sylvia Gengenbach, owner of Town & Country Antiques 1 & 2 about what it's like to be in the antique business, picking, and modern antique trends. Sylvia is the chair of 2nd year event, Let's Paint the Town, that will take place in Downtown Menomonie on July 23 from 10-7am. A fun day of food, children's activities, artist's market, flea market and more.

Downtown Menom is hosted by Dustyn and Becca of Downtown Menomonie, Inc. Hear from the locals about all things Menomonie and what makes this place home.

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