Downtown Menom Podcast - Steve "Chops" Shaw and Wade "Bones" Lambrigtsen

The latest episode of the Downtown Menom Podcast is now available and can be found here.

From the Downtown Menomonie Facebook page:

This week on Downtown Menom we chat with Steve "Chops" Shaw and Wade "Bones" Lambrigtsen, Menomonie Blue Caps, our local 1860 vintage base ball team. Learn about what 1860 vintage base ball is, how players on the team earned their nicknames and fun stories about playing base ball throughout the country. Yes, base ball was two words in 1860, we promise it isn't a spelling error, huzzah!

Downtown Menom is hosted by Dustyn and Becca of Downtown Menomonie, Inc. Hear from the locals about all things Menomonie and what makes this place home.