Deer Carcass Disposal at Menomonie DNR Office

From the City of Menomonie Facebook page:

Deer Carcass Disposal

Hunters - the Menomonie DNR office has a dumpster to safely dispose of deer carcasses. The dumpster is located at the Menomonie DNR office (921 Brickyard Rd).

Here are the details:

  • Disposal is free

  • Residential use only, no commercial use

  • Carcasses only, must be gutted

  • No car-killed deer

  • Please replace the tarp after placing the carcass in the dumpster (the tarp helps keep rain & snow out).

  • Available 24/7

The dumpster will be available at this location until early January 2023.

Also available at the same location is a kiosk for CWD testing and a Lion's Club bin for deer hides.