COVID 19 Update - 6/14

Note from the Dunn County Health Department:

The Dunn County Health Department has chosen to change the layout of our COVID-19 update to be consistent with the Wisconsin DHS. We will continue doing this update once a week. On the left side you will find our Activity Level compared to the rest of the state; our activity level is currently medium based on information from 5/26 to 6/8. On the right side you will find 7-Day Averages of our New and Probable Cases. Over the past 7 days we've had 4 New Cases and 0 New Probable Cases. This gives us a Daily Average of .57 New Cases and 0 New Probable cases. Below that you will find the Percentage of People Fully Vaccinated within Dunn County and Wisconsin.

The Dunn County COVID Portal can be found here.

The Wisconsin DHS COVID Page can be found here.

Information taken from the Dunn County Facebook page.