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Concessions changes at Red Cedar Speedway

We have made substantial changes in our concessions department since last season. Not only have we HIRED A NEW CONCESSIONS MANAGER but there is also this. REWIND back to the 2022 MAHDER 55 when our friends at Midwest Food and Tobacco Group - Menomonie presented us with the opportunity to sell $1 hot dogs at that race with ALL the sales going towards upgrading our concessions. Thanks to their generosity we upgraded things to the point of which were able to get a different food service licensing which now allows us to cook fresh meats (non pre cooked). Previously we had our hands tied and could not do that. Midwest Food was giving us the absolute best product they could with the licensing we had.

We cannot thank them enough for helping us take a HUGE step forward with our concessions. Burgers will be fresh and grilled along with chicken sandwiches. We also have a awesome selection of Silver Spring Foods, Inc. sauces for you to choose from this season.

If you haven’t visited our concessions in the previous years because of dissatisfaction with some of our products we encourage you to give us another chance.

From the Red Cedar Speedway Facebook page.

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