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Community Conversations - Public Libraries - Video recording available

Thanks to WisCommunity, a video recording of this meeting is available here.

Community Conversations in March will feature Joleen Sterk, Menomonie Public Library Director. Come and listen, ask questions and learn about public libraries yesterday, today and tomorrow!

  • Saturday, March 4th @ noon

  • Menomonie Public Library meeting room

  • hosted by Community Conversations

  • Free and open to ALL

Joleen will be giving us a perspective in regard to our local library and what is possible for the future of libraries in general.

Past: The history of libraries in Dunn County started 150 years ago. The Menomonie Public Library has been located at Wolske Bay for the last 40 years.

Present: There are many ways that people currently use libraries. The library has reinvented itself as technology changes. The library has looked at how it can serve the needs of our community. Joleen will discuss how the library is funded as funding for libraries has always been an issue in the past and in the present. She will discuss how the City of Menomonie is involved with our library.

Future: How can we work together for the library providing the most community good? Jolene will discuss the future of developing outdoor space for community needs.

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