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Coffee at the Cottage - Tim Nelson, Eric Atkinson, Chef Alan Bergo

Coffee at the Cottage is a podcast by Menomonie resident Emilie Wiese. New episodes are released the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Recent episodes include:

Tim Nelson - Emilie tells us about the business, American Edge, she and her husband built in Menomonie. This property management company has been in existence for over 35 years.

That leads us to this conversation with Tim Nelson and the announcement that Tim is taking over as the new owner of American Edge.

So, who is Tim? A husband, businessman, collegiate athlete and military veteran. Listen to this podcast to hear his story.

Eric Atkinson - Season #2 with Emilie begins! Eric makes a return visit to the cottage, but its his first time with us as the new city administrator.

Before we dive into his new role, we start with him discussing the tragic officer involved January 21st shooting in Menomonie. At the time Eric was still the Chief of Police in Menomonie and gives us insight into the event. What has happened since and the way the department has assisted the officers involved.

After which, we then delve into his move to the city administrator role, a position he was selected for in March. He takes us into the process of going for the position and his mindset as the selection drew closer.

How is the transition going?

He also touches on the topic of getting more single-family homes built in Menomonie.

Chef Alan Bergo - “I hate everything I’ve cooked except what I’m cooking right now”

Alan Bergo is a well-known, award-winning chef who focuses on foraging. Through this conversation with Emilie we here how he entered the food industry and his progression from Italian to French to “Farm-to-Table” and eventually his current passion.

We learn how a bout with Lyme’s Disease influenced his career.

Before winning awards and becoming well-known, he has experienced failures including restaurant closures and more.

Find all of the episodes here.

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