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Coffee at the Cottage - County Administrator and Public Works Director

Coffee at the Cottage is a podcast by Menomonie resident Emilie Wiese. New episodes are released the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Episode 29 - County Administrator Kristin Korpela

The new Dunn County Manager Kristin Korpela visits the cottage. She is new to the position but has lived in the area for the last two decades (and always been in the region).

  • Her background

  • Housing concerns in the county

  • Managing staff/worker morale in the county

  • Biggest challenge

  • County/City Relationship

  • Lake Tainter

Episode 30 - City of Menomonie Director of Public Works David Schofield

A Menomonie native, Dave took over his current role at the start of 2023 after many years working for private companies in and around the area. He updates listeners on a variety of projects that are ongoing and in the future. The challenges he faces, adapting to change and the wide array of different departments he oversees.

Find all of the Coffee at the Cottage episodes here.

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