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City of Menomonie launching new website June 5th

Photo contest to showcase Menomonie

The City of Menomonie is proud to announce the launch of its new website, coming on June 5, 2023! This has been in development for 8 months and we are excited to share it with the community.

In order to better highlight our community, we are seeking high-quality photos to display on the website that showcase our beautiful city and what it has to offer. To do this, we are teaming up with Explore Menomonie and Downtown Menomonie to hold a photo contest.

Parameters are:

  • Submit photos to the contest via Facebook Messenger to the City of Menomonie page by 4:30 PM on July 31.

  • A selection of photos, as determined by the committee, will be shared to social media. The community will then have the opportunity to vote for their favorite photos.

  • The two photos with the most votes are the "winners". The winners will receive $100 in Chamber bucks and the top submission depicting downtown will receive $50 in Downtown Dollars.

Top photos will be displayed on the Explore Menomonie, Downtown Menomonie, Inc. and City websites and social media pages. Our community is beautiful year-round, so feel free to submit photos depicting all seasons!

From the City of Menomonie Facebook page.

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