Books With The Bridge

From the Bridge to Hope:

Ever wanted to join a book club without the pressure of committing to regularly scheduled meetings? Join our brand new virtual book club, Books With The Bridge!

This group allows readers to participate in online discussions, engage with other readers, and respond to guided questions at their leisure throughout the month. This is a great option for folks with busy schedules who still want to be involved. Participation is encouraged, but not mandatory, so read at your own pace and enjoy this group as you please! At the end of each month, there will be an opportunity for members to meet via video chat to discuss that month’s book further.

Due to the nature of our agency, some of our chosen readings will touch on issues surrounding domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and other trauma, but we will also be choosing books that focus on healing, growth, empowerment, healthy relationships, and an array of other relevant or related material. The first book we will be reading is Know My Name by Chanel Miller for the month of April to commemorate Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Our goal is to generate awareness, encourage community involvement, and empower participants. This book club is not limited to folks within Dunn or Pepin County, and we encourage all who are interested in participating to join us (so feel free to invite your friends)! To join, simply go to the book clubs Facebook page and click the join button.

Happy Reading!

Note: While this book club is set up on Facebook, those who are not on Facebook may still participate. Contact the Bridge to Hope at 715-235-9074 to join.