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2024 Dunn County Vegetation Management & Herbicide Application

The Dunn County Highway Department maintains 425 centerline miles of county roadways with approximately 3700 acres of right of way. Dunn County Highway has historically applied herbicides to the County right of ways to combat invasive vegetation such as wild parsnip, chervil, and other broadleaf weed species that are potentially harmful to individuals' health. Once again, the Highway Department will be applying herbicides along the County highway system starting in early May for approximately 2-3 weeks.

The Highway Department staff have been trained and certified by the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Agency (DATCP) to apply these non-restrictive herbicides. The non-restrictive herbicides are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The herbicides control 150+ different types of broadleaf weed species, invasive plants, and various types of grasses. The herbicides do not harm wildlife such as birds, bees, butterflies or other animals & insects that live and feed along the roadways. Native grasses, milkweed, and other pollinated plants are not harmed during the application process and flourish.

The timing of the herbicide application is crucial for success in managing the invasive and broadleaf weeds. The herbicides are applied in early spring before the plants mature and start blossoming. Herbicides are not applied during wind or anticipated rain events to limit the spreading of materials. During the application process, the applied herbicides include a surfactant to control drift and a growth inhibitor to stunt the growth of the plant. The growth inhibitor is applied to help reduce mowing operational expenses. Crews will be spraying along all County owned roadways from the shoulder point out approximately 15ft. towards the right of way line. Herbicides will not be applied to mowed & landscaped yards and the intent is to not harm crops or planted vegetation outside the right of way.

Herbicides applied: Plateau, TerraVue & Liberate (drift control)

For more information please contact the Dunn County Highway Department at 715-232-2181 or email Dunn County Website:


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