2022 Chippewa Valley Big Buck Contest

The 3rd Annual Chippewa Valley Virtual Big Buck Contest will run from November 19th at 6am through November 27th at 5pm.

From the Facebook Event page:

**Please read the rules below**

Welcome Deer Hunters!! For the third year in a row - let's have some fun!! We've got new and bigger prizes this year! It's your chance to have some fun this Wisconsin Rifle Deer Season AND win some great prizes! The best thing is: IT'S FREE AND OPEN TO EVERYONE IN THE CHIPPEWA VALLEY!

The contest runs from Opening Day to the last Sunday of Gun Season at 5 PM. At 6PM on the 27th Shane, Coltin, and I will draw prizes and announce the winners via Facebook Live!

Here are the great prizes Shane, Coltin, our sponsors, and I will be giving away:

1. Biggest Buck: Wins a .50 Caliber CVA Optima Muzzleloader package provided by Tim Nelson, RE/MAX Affiliates.

2. 2nd Biggest Buck: Wins a Badlands Switch Pack hunting backpack AND a Stealth Cam Fusion X Cellular Trail Camera provided by Coltin Brehm, Northwestern Mutual.

3. 3rd Biggest Buck: Wins a Big Game The Hunter 1.5 Ladder Tree Stand AND an Illusion Systems Extinguisher and Rack Rattling Call Combo, provided by Shane Manor, Fairway Mortgage.

4. Smallest Buck: Wins an Ambush Ground Blind. (smallest buck must be a legal buck by Wisconsin definitions - 1 point at least 3" long).

5. All successful hunters who post a picture with their deer will be put into a pool and a name will be drawn for a gift package including food plot seed and clothing, provided by Domain Outdoors.

6. All hunters/people who enter the contest, successful or not, will be entered for a chance to win a hunters gift basket with calls and hunting gear provided by Carrie McCartney, RE/MAX Affiliates. This will also be drawn on the evening of the 27th.

***Only participants who register as "Going" are entered - it does you no good to simply be "Interested"***

Once winners have been determined we will coordinate with you to pick up your prizes.

Here are the rules:

1. You must either live in the Chippewa Valley or hunt in the Chippewa Valley. For example, if you live in Eau Claire, but hunt in Eagle River, WI. You are eligible! Also, if you live in Green Bay, but hunt in Menomonie, you are also eligible.

2. The buck's scores will be tallied by points + inside spread. So, if you shoot an 8-point buck, with a 16.5 inch inside spread, you have 24.5 points. All points must be 1" long to be scored. Please measure your spread to the nearest 1/8th of an inch.

3. You must include a picture of you with your deer with a tape measure showing the inside spread and post it in the event during the 9-day Rifle Season window.

Additionally, you must take a picture with the deer and a "time stamp" showing the day you kill it. An easy way to do this would be to take a picture with your deer and a copy of the day's newspaper showing the date, or a picture of your deer and your phone showing the date.

Feel free to include multiple pictures of your kill.

Good luck to all the Hunters this year. We wish you safe and successful hunting.. and most of all.... HAVE FUN!

This is hosted by Tim Nelson, RE/MAX Affiliates, Shane Manor, Fairway Independent Mortgage, and Coltin Brehm, Northwestern Mutual. Tim, Shane, and Coltin work in the real estate and financial services industries in the Chippewa Valley and really want to add something fun to close out 2022. We love hunting and we hope you have as much fun with this as we do